"We create film clips that deliver the core value of your business most effectively."


"We create film clips that deliver the core value of your business most effectively."

The 10 essential Steps for A Successful Film clip Project

Welcome to Webmedia3. We make film clips that showcase you and your business. It's no secret that movies are very effective in transporting not only your message, but also your charisma and passion for your business. If produced well, this can trigger positive emotions in the viewer and therefore connect and engage your audience with you, your products and services. On this page we will guide you through what we believe are the essential steps that need to be addressed, developed and executed carefully in order to achieve a successful result.

Crafting your message, find your story

First off, the most important part is to find your most important thing to share with the world. What is your passion, what are the things that your business does so well? Sometimes this is not obvious to you as the business owner. Here we can help, we love to dig and hunt for the true gems of your business.

Next, we try to package the message into a story -  everyone loves stories, they are easier to remember.  A good story is simple, will cater to the human curiosity and lead to a gratifying resolution in favor of your business. The visitor remains with a positive feeling about your products and services - a good story is easy to remember and sticks with the audience.

Audio Visual elements for great content

A great logo represents your business. It needs to communicate your core strengths as well as be eye catching and fresh.

We enjoy giving your existing logo a facelift or creating a brand new one.

Although the logo may be tiny, the importance is huge. Every visual output will be affected -  Letter head, business cards, brochures, decals, website, film clips etc.

 There are a number of graphic elements such as titles, fonts, info graphics, bullets or even animations that should be in sync with your logo and form the so-called corporate identity.

Every graphic element should be crafted carefully to create a consistent, stylish and balanced look

The quality of a website depends heavily on the quality of your photos. It's very important that each photo supports the surrounding content.

There is an elevated credibility when photos are original to your business. Using stock photos is very popular nowadays, but does not make your site unique.

In film clips, sound is the most important element to carry discrete information and awake emotions sub consciously.

Ideally the music and sound should be created to support the film clip. We have over 25 years of experience in music production. Whether it's composing new music, enhancing existing tracks, surgically editing and restoring audio or licensing copyrighted music, we can do it all in our studio.

Creating the film clip

When it comes to credibility, nothing comes close to hearing the voice of the business. And throwing in a face with a genuine smile can be a very powerful tool to convey your true passion.

This goes along with featuring third party people expressing how they feel about working with you, whether these may be celebrities, customers or the average person next door.

A lot of times our subject are not used to stand in front of a camera. There is no need for fear, we will make sure to showcase your best side and will take as much time as needed to get comfortable and forget that a camera is running. That's when the most convincing action happens and the true characters come to shine.

The film clip should contain all of the above and be your message, story, quality and character condensed down to 1 - 3 minutes.

The goal is to make viewers feel good about having spent the time watching. The film clip may require embedding of the established logo, graphics or perhaps an animation to achieve a lasting memory imprint of your brand.

If you have read all of this page so far, you must be burning to see how we do it. If you can't stand waiting, please jump over to the work examples, or keep scrolling down on the page, there is more insight coming.


"How much mileage can you get out of your website?"

"How much mileage can you get out of your website?"

The website - container of all your assets


When all the design items are crafted carefully, the website becomes the container that showcases your business. It is critical to choose which aspect need the most emphasis, many site of today are just jam packed with inefficient information.

Whether we craft a new site or insert our film clip into an existing it is always good practice to reflect on the suitability and efficiency of your website.

Here is a list of questions we have compiled to help define the content and method to get your website cut through to your audience and be a sustainable benefit to your business:

  1. How are people getting to your site? (typing in URL, search, link form other place)
  2. Who may be interested in your site?
  3. Who would you like to reach?
  4. Do you have one time visitors or repeat visitors? Why would they come back?
  5. Can a visitor identify in 10 seconds what this site is about?
  6. What devices/browsers are visitors using? (responsiveness, mobile site)
  7. Usability and compatibility issues?
  8. What's your active content and why? (film clips, news, newsletter, e-commerce, galleries, blogs, events, etc.)
  9. Responsibilities and intervals for content updates defined? 
  10. Topics around social media integration
  11. Analytics and search engine optimization in place?
  12. Domain management, hosting, backup and security covered well?

"How to make film clips - A look behind the scene"

"How to make film clips - A look behind the scene"

The nature of any creative process includes an amount of uncertainty of the outcome. Meticulous planning and good communication are key factors to ensure there is a satisfying result.

This section explains how we go about tackling a film clip project from meeting the client to delivering the finished clip. All in hopes of gaining credibility and trust that we are capable of delivering that satisfying result.

The Approach


Analyze And Understand The Client

Each project, each customer is different. The approach is always the same - We focus on thinking our way into the brain of the client we are working for.

Find What's Important And Relevant

We listen and we ask question. Together, we sift through all your assets and define what we need to focus on. This is not only about creating a film clip, it's assessing your business and the way you have been communicating. 

Determine What's Missing

In analyzing your business' public voice we don't necessarily want to question every aspect that has worked out in the past. We'd like to discover the parts that have been untold or suggest avenues, that are evolving as time progresses. Determining the missed opportunities and evaluating them is an important factor.

The Quote


Once we have established the range of action, we like to present our client with a real world quote. We think it gives both client and us a better understanding of what to expect in terms of cost and efforts.

The difficulty is always that the creative process doesn't show it's fruit until the work is done and put in front of an audience. That's why we want you to look at our work and feel us out before we jump into a project together. One thing is for sure, we go out of our way to make the result the best possible within budget

Most clients have a lot to bring to the table and may be well equipped with stunning graphics and photos. We like to offer the best possible service to complement what you already have invested in.

The Creation Process


The creation process will be depending heavily on what the project may be. But to give you an example, we are listing some possible scenarios here.

Types of film clips

Within the family of film clips there are several popular types to consider to best suit your situation:

  • Instructional (How-to)
  • Character Portraits
  • Product Demo
  • Product/Service Advertisement
  • Company History
  • Action clips
  • Campaigns

Other content Formats

While we focus on creating film clips as our favorite content format, there are a number of other formats to be considered and may need to be developed as well.

  • Editorial content (knowledge, blog, news, whitepaper, product info, history, photo story) 
  • Animation (info graphics, 3D animation) 
  • Downloadable content (manuals, ebook, music, video)
  • Live Streaming of content (film, audio)

Producing the actual film clip

In the day of everyone carrying a smartphone with an impressive HD camera in the pocket it seems as if making a film clip shouldn't be that hard to do. There is certainly a valid point in this - but it takes more than just a camera.

  1. Create an outline of scenes to be shot, perhaps as detailed as in a story board
  2. Scout and determine locations, get permission, reserve spaces
  3. Outdoors: Check weather, sun light conditions,  ambient noise (traffic, construction, ambulances)
  4. Indoors: Plan lighting, bring extra lighting, calculate power consumption, listen for ambient noise
  5. Crew assignment: How many people does it take? Director,  cameraman, sound/lighting
  6. Prepare gear: Charged batteries, all components complete and in working condition, storage
  7. Special gear planned? Jib, tracks, slider, octocopter for arial shots, gimbal, steady cam
  8. Does the shoot require make up artist to be present?
  9. Estimating how many days to shoot
  10. Release forms: Anyone in film clip needs to sign a release form (especially difficult when shooting in factories or public places)
  11. On location: logistics, co-ordinating with characters, crew. Manage catering, possibly accommodation
  12. The edit: rough cut, voice over, number graphics, animations 
  13. Music selection or creation - the licensing is an important and sometimes difficult step 
  14. Communication with client throughout the process
  15. Rough cut, approval of concepts with client
  16. Final cut with color grading and final audio mix
  17. Creating the final master film clip

This is just a palette of options to give an idea of the scope of creating a film clip. However, your budget will determine how fancy things can get, while sometimes the task at hand will determine what budget it will take to make the film clip happen. All in all we strive to do the best possible, that's the bottom line.

The Publication






Hosting / Streaming

Once the final master is produced, the film clip needs to be handed over to the client or be uploaded to an internet service provider in order to be accessible.  Film clips need to reside on high performance server that can deliver high data rates to a multitude of user without getting sluggish.

We rent storage and streaming space on where we can create a neutral video player that can be embedded into any website neatly. Some clients prefer their film clips to be on in order to get that Youtube exposure, or they may already operate their own Youtube channel.

DVD / Blue-ray

The master clip can also be authored into a DVD or Blue-Ray format in order to be re-produced in DVD or Blue-Ray packaging. 

Download / Pay-Per-View / Subscription based portal

In case your content is sellable, there are several options. Platforms such as iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo offer services where you can upload your paid content and it will be offered to a broad audience as download or pay-per-view. The details for each of these companies need to be reviewed by the client. 

We do offer to setup subscription based portals where you can sell and limit access to your content on a time revolving base, by selling subscriptions to your protected content site. Please contact us for details.